Recently, something extremely embarrassing happened to me. I had dinner in my favorite restaurant and at the end of the evening the waiter told me that I still had the price tag of my new blouse on my back. After that, I immediately went home and since then I have never gone there again. Now I don’t know what to do. Do you have any advice for me? Regula, 23

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 19:36

Dear Regula,

Please forgive me, but when I read your question, I had to laugh out loud. I didn’t make fun of you and of what happened to you, no, I had to laugh about the fact that I have a countless number of such stories to tell, too! And even more, I am also very lucky to have friends, who talk regularly about similar ghost stories. And you know what? I love such lapses! They happen often to me and I wouldn’t want to do without any of these stories, they are a priceless source of lasting joy. Really. You may not yet appreciate it, but – believe me - with a bit of distance of time, you will be above such things. With this price tag-faux pas you are in the mid-beginner’s range. That’s how we all started.

With a little practice, you will dare more challenging projects, just as I did, for example, when I had an online call with my teacher while wearing only underwear. This was in the early days of Skype and at the end of the conversation I said to him with childlike joy: "Funny, I could see you on my screen during the whole conversation!" ; The enthusiasmdisappeared quickly when he answered: "I could see you, too!" Or, when I walked in my super cool and super tight Acne jeans, in which I actually fit only after a long stomach flu and which I can close only lying for the rest of the year and which has the not really reliably closing zipper behind instead of in front, through the whole city of Zurich. Or, when I, not noticing the hanger that had slipped down in the cloakroom of the restaurant and had gotstuck in the hood of my coat, strolled straight through the Airport and was only hold back by the luggage control when the shiny metal made the detector glow. Oh, I could tell you quite a number of such stories!

You see, there is still a lot to do. Don’t give up, you are on the right track. With time, it will hurt less, every other blunder strengthens your weak nerves a bit more. Put on your new blouse and go out for a meal – in your favorite restaurant! NOW, get out!

Very warmly, Kafi.

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