Hi Kafi. Is there a moral obligation to break off an affair once you notice that the other hopes for a closer relationship, even though you were honest and clear from the outset that there would never be more than an affair between the two of you? Regards, Röbi, 32  

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 19:34

Dear Röbi,

Are you asking me whether you should screw her a few more times before you clear the air or whether you should clarify the situation every now and then? What do you think you owe to a sexual partner, dear Röbi? And how would you like to be treated in her stead? Is it enough to clarify your needs at the beginning or do you share the responsibility for the emotional course of an affair? Does the commitment cease at the root of the penis or does it only start there?

I would like to pass back to you all these questions unanswered. Well knowing that you know the answers to those yourself.

Very warmly,



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